Practitioner Advanced Training: Taking ATM® Teaching into the Future #2

This Advanced Training continues to “expand the frame” of what it means to teach Awareness Through Movement®. Our endeavor is to continue to develop our personal maturation as teachers, and to teach ATM in a comprehensive manner that not only supports physical integrity and functionality, but also promotes emotional dignity and personal freedom.

This Advanced Training is open to all practitioners and 3rd/4th-year FPTP trainees.

Awareness Through Movement can help a person lift themselves out of their historical patterns that cause them to replicate their past over and over. When this occurs, they can aspire to be the way they most want to be. They can pull back the curtain that divides the past from their potential self, and project themselves forward with a profound sense of fully participating in life.

As practitioners, we aim to understand the teaching of ATM as a way of inviting people into these new realms for themselves. Jeff Haller is known for teaching ATMs in a unique way: artfully sharing the principles of the Feldenkrais Method, and using the work as a personal transformative process for both practitioner and student.

In this 16-hour Advanced Training you will learn how to:

  • Create a broader context for ATM teaching.
  • Utilize the principles of the Feldenkrais Method within the ATM lesson structure.
  • Help people recognize and work with their deep, internalized patterns in the ATM lesson structure.
  • Support people in changing their internal sense of dimensionality.
  • Work with the rhythm and tempo of the lesson.
  • Facilitate your internal state to maximize your ability to be present, creative and dynamic.
  • Work with intention and attention and promote awareness.
  • Find the specificity that brings a lesson alive.

Practitioners can help people become self-reliant in a changing world, recovering their physical integrity, restore their emotional dignity, and thrive in the complexity of daily life.

The training will be offered at two different times each week to accommodate practitioners from around the world. You may attend whichever class works best for you (you may attend both, though it will be the same material).

The fee includes downloadable recordings of each class.

Fees (click on each option to register):

Register Now Fee: $400.00

Date September 21, 2020 -
November 24, 2020
TimeMondays 7-9pm PDT or Tuesdays 8-10am PDT
(No classes October 26-November 4)
LocationOnline via Zoom
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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