Success Stories

31 Sue Ursino, Champion Golfer

I first started working with Jeff Haller in the early 1980s. I attended some of his group classes, and spent time with him on an individual basis as well. We worked on creating smoother movements in the golf swing and the mental aspects of .... More

Sahalee Country Club, 20-time Club Champion, 2-time City of Seattle Champion, 4-time State Senior Woman's Champion

Sue Ursino

Posted 10/11/2011

32 Dwight Pargee, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

Jeff Haller is truly a master "teacher of teachers." I have learned from my work with him over the years to deepen my understanding and practice of the Feldenkrais Method through embodied presence and precision in my own self-use and organi.... More

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

Dwight Pargee

Posted 10/11/2011

33 Andrew Gibbons, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Jeff Haller's teaching is essential for every Feldenkrais Practitioner and for anyone wanting a more peaceful and productive life. As a former Director and Faculty Practitioner of the Feldenkrais Institute of NY, I've had the pleasure of me.... More

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Andrew Gibbons

Posted 10/11/2011

34 Phillip Unseld, Feldenkrais Method Assistant Trainer

Jeff's material is for me a kind of "decodification" of the magic of Feldenkrais' legacy. This pedagogical material is for me like having a unique and very helpful look "behind the scenes" of the "Feldenkrais-magic. I don't know any clea.... More

Barcelona, Spain

Feldenkrais Method Assistant Trainer

Phillip Unseld

Posted 10/11/2011

35 Robert Spencer, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

I, myself have been a Feldenkrais Practitioner for 20 years, and I can tell you that Jeff Haller's understanding of this work and his ability to teach it are unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

Robert Spencer

Posted 10/11/2011

36 Other Feldenkrais Teachers on Jeff Haller

What others have said about Jeff Haller's Inside Moves workshops: "Learned a lot from this workshop. I want more." "Very direct, gentle, clear style of teaching that allowed me to explore in a safe environment who I am as a person, a.... More

Other Feldenkrais Teachers

Posted 10/11/2011

37 Rick Acton, Golf Digest Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Former Champions Tour Player

Jeff Haller knows more about teaching movement than any person I have met.

Golf Digest Magazine Top 100 Teacher, Former Champions Tour Player

Rick Acton

Posted 12/13/2010

38 Michael Heidenreich, Business Consultant

The purest form of self-awareness and self-healing. See your well-being in a wider spectrum than being either sick or healthy.

Business Consultant

Posted 12/13/2010

39 Jim Fadiman, Author, Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

I grew in awareness as well as increased flexibility. I eliminated chronic habits which had caused me pain over many years.

Author, Faculty, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Jim Fadiman

Posted 12/13/2010

40 Angel Di Benedetto, Feldenkrais Trainer

Through a personal blend of life experiences, martial arts and the essence of the Feldenkrais Method, the emphasis of Jeff's teaching is to wholeheartedly create for the students greater self-reliance, presence and maturity. Its a great ple.... More

Feldenkrais Trainer

Angel Di Benedetto

Posted 12/13/2010

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