Feldenkrais® Training Academy

We’re happy to announce that the 2018–2022 Feldenkrais Training Academy is full, and closed to new registrants.

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Train to become a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, with the confidence and competence to build a successful practice in the Feldenkrais Method®.

Beginning in Seattle in October 2018, the Feldenkrais Training Academy includes 12 10-day segments (running Monday-Friday), ~12 weeks apart, plus monthly online mentoring sessions for an unprecedented level of support in your development as a practitioner.

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  • In certain states, or countries, professional practice may be subject to licensing laws limiting their professional practice unless the graduate has (a) certain license(s).
  • Neither Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) nor Functional Integration® (FI®) may be practiced professionally until the person has graduated from an accredited training program. Interim authorization as an ATM teacher is a student teaching position, subject to completing all graduation requirements.

Sorry, not currently available

Date October 15, 2018 -
September 23, 2022
LocationSeattle, WA, USA
Instructor(s)Educational Director: Jeff Haller
Guest Trainers: Donna Blank; Jerry Karzen; Allison Rapp; Roger Russell
Assistant Trainers: Candy Conino; Alice Friedman; Andrew Gibbons; Dwight Pargee; Ellen Soloway

One of many Workshops offered.