Learning Self-Organization [DVDs]

Learning Self-Organization [DVDs]

Keeping an even distribution of muscular tone when you move is a basic principle of the Feldenkrais Method®. Bringing this principle into upright action is a challenge, especially if you become other-directed when you are working with clients at your Feldenkrais table. Can you lift your client's head or limbs without changing the tone in your arms? What discomfort do you experience when you fail to notice your self-organization when you are working?

In this DVD series, Jeff Haller, takes you on a 13-day journey into refining your self-organization so you can significantly improve your ability to function as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Based on Feldenkrais principles of movement and functioning you will:

• Support yourself and work with proportional, equal distribution of tone;

• Improve your ability to listen to what your client communicates when you touch them;

• Improve the quality of your touch;

• Give higher-quality Functional Integration® lessons;

• Improve your comfort while working.

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