Practice being with your client and be present for what emerges.
The Path to Mastery

I offer advanced training programs and mentoring throughout the year for those who would like to study with me.

Four Pillars of the “Path to Mastery” There are four distinct foundational pillars to the work I offer.
  • Foundational knowledge: of the principles, strategies, and modalities that inform the Feldenkrais Method.

  • Self-organization: Directly utilizing the principles and processes that inform the Feldenkrais Method in your own lived experience.

  • Assessment: The ability to determine what your client wants, needs, and can use when you work with them.

  • Execution: The ability to create the context and conditions that help your clients with how they function, move, and act, fulfilling their desired outcomes.
Inside Moves™ Feldenkrais Training Academy I

Train to become a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, with the confidence and competence to build a successful practice in the Feldenkrais Method. Beginning in Seattle in early 2018, the Feldenkrais Training Academy includes 12 10-day segments (running Monday-Friday), roughly 12 weeks apart, plus monthly online mentoring sessions for an unprecedented level of support in your development as a practitioner.

IOPS Academy

The IOPS Academy is an 18-month intensive graduate program for Feldenkrais practitioners. IOPS = Ideal Organization & Profound Strength. Through intimate in-person trainings, interactive online classes, and access to a comprehensive library of DVD support material, you will emerge as an exceptional teacher who communicates a clear, precise image of human function and bring out your best self in your work. Visit the IOPS Academy website for more information.

Advanced Training Programs

Periodically, I offer advanced training programs held in the Seattle Area. Each class is devoted to a specialized aspect of movement education or training devoted to increasing your knowledge and practice of Functional Integration® or Awareness Through Movement®. DVD’s of the previous sessions can be found in the videos section of the website. New classes can be found under “Group Lessons and Schedules”.


The primary focus of my mentoring sessions is to deeply understand ATM lessons, the teaching of ATM, and the relationship of ATM to FI in a practical way. My mentoring groups are usually limited 12 or less people. A weekly group is offered to those who live in easy driving distance, and several times a year for those who have to travel to meet with me. The four pillars mentioned above provide the context for the class. Call of contact me for information on mentoring with me.

Private Classes

Individuals or small groups of students often come for intensive FI experience with me. Students come for two to five days and receive two lessons a day followed with extensive practical application of the lesson to their personal needs. Other times, a small group of two to four students come for several days. Each individual receives FI lessons from me the others can observe, followed by discussion of the lessons. These have proven to be a very effective ways to study with me. Contact me if you are interested in pursuing this form of training with me.

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