Our work is to remind you of the extraordinary capacity you have for learning. Through learning, you acquire new behaviors and improve your comfort in life.
Would you like to live and move with greater ease?

In each private Functional Integration® Sessions you will find alternatives to your everyday movements and actions that are more efficient and pleasurable for you:

  • You’ll learn to move with greater ease
  • You’ll gain greater awareness and understanding of your actions
  • You’ll enjoy possibilities for comfort, grace, and potent movement you didn’t realize you had
  • You’ll expand your knowledge of how your body works

What shall we learn together?

Few of us are trained to observe how we move. Even the most gifted athlete, martial artist, musician, or dancer, has had little or no training in internally observing how they move. Much of what they do is unconscious, acquired through long arduous motor skills practice.

In a private Functional Integration session with me, we explore how you can develop and internalize the functional movement patterns that will help you improve. A lesson with me is a highly personalized experience, focused on your unique needs and wants. In a lesson, I help you notice what you do as you initiate movement, how you maintain patterns of movement that restrict you, and then give you new more functional patterns to explore and integrate. The new, more efficient patterns of movement you learn will serve you significantly better than what you lived with before. I then give you additional practices that will foster the integration of your new learning into your daily life.

See what Jeff’s colleague, Feldenkrais Trainer, Jerry Karzen has to say about Jeff’s Functional Integration work. [Video]

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