Our group lessons can help you evolve into how you would like to be— based on your own internal perception of yourself, rather than lifelong memories that have historically guided your actions.
Would you like to move in new unobstructed ways?

Few humans, if any, truly master being in gravity. As with most of us, you have basically learned what is necessary to get by and maintain your life. To support your life in the environment in which you live and move keeps your brain and all of its attendant systems rather busy. Experiencing and bringing the obscure existing habits that limit your comfort, to your attention is best done when you are quiet. Hence, group lessons are conducted while sitting or lying down to quiet the antigravity activities of your brain.

Two major components of your nervous system are the motor system, and your sensory system. Most of us have learned to utilize our motor systems through hard work, will, and repetitive training. Very little thought or training has dealt with our sensory system. In order to move, you must sense and feel. In order to sense and feel, you must move. These two aspects of our nervous system are in an eternal dance with each other. To refine your actions, you must learn to use your senses with great specificity to know how your habits of action are initiated, produced and maintained. With this knowledge you can then be offered new possibilities for action in which your whole self participates.

Awareness Through Movement Group Lessons provide you an opportunity to study how you function, and move in daily life. In class you will work to eliminate the unconscious mistakes and actions you make that are not necessary for simple, elegant movement. Each class is an exploration of some aspect of functioning. For instance, we might explore:

  • how you breathe
  • how you co-ordinate the movements of your eyes, head and pelvis and spine
  • how to organize your actions to gain better support through your skeleton
  • how you can move with grace, ease and efficiency
  • or any one of literally hundreds of available functional explorations

Awareness Through Movement classes are usually an hour, perhaps more. Intensive weekend and longer sessions are available several times a year and can be found under “Group Lessons and Schedules”.

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Discover how movement can be more fulfilling.