Our work is to remind you of the extraordinary capacity you have for learning. Through learning, you acquire new behaviors and improve your comfort in life.
Awareness Through Movement®

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes are designed to help you be more comfortable and skillful in your body. People attend class to enhance performance, recover from injury, or regain some function they have lost.

The class is designed for you to learn from your own inner experience. No one demonstrates what you are to learn. In each ATM class, I very carefully craft movement directions that encourage you to quiet your mind, engage your senses, and make distinctions between what is easy, what is difficult, and what is unavailable to you. How you maintain habits of movement in your daily life is clarified within you.

In each class a new aspect of functioning is studied and refined to enhance your movement repertoire. The class might be a study of small movements like the movements of your eyes relative to turning your head, or it could involve large movements such as how to move from lying on your back and come to standing— in a single motion. Biological fitness is acquired. This means you will be more adaptable and resourceful living in the physical world. You learn to organize your own body to move with greater ease and effectiveness, improving your co-ordination, support, range of motion, and ability to act with pleasure and comfort.

ATM lessons are practiced in a quiet warm room where you are invited into a world of process rather than outcome, being within yourself rather than goal oriented, learning rather than achievement, curiosity rather than will and effort.

In order to foster learning, each class will be novel and fun. Pleasure supports learning. Each unique class will be a part of a weaving of classes to help you develop greater whole bodied functioning.

Please come wearing sturdy, warm, layered, comfortable clothing to participate in class.