We do not work with people’s problems, but with their health. Health as the capacity to recover from shock; the ability to overcome obstacles; the capacity to live one’s dreams.
Many people come to us seeking relief from pain.

Most are accustomed to the medical model of health where an expert practitioner evaluates your condition, then produces a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Fine results are often achieved in this model, and it certainly has value.

Inside Moves provides a shift in perspective. First and foremost, you are seen as a whole person— rather than as a group of symptoms to be diagnosed and treated. In this approach, you are not being “treated”. Jeff Haller creates the conditions for you to find within yourself how to live and move with greater comfort and ease.

When recovering from injury, people often produce the sensation of pain as a pattern of protection and as a means of protecting healing tissues and bones from further injury. Often, pain persists long after your tissues have healed. Working with Jeff Haller, you will learn that your body has no further reason to protect your healed injury with pain.

By experiencing highly individualized sessions, you will be guided to improve through mobilizing your own innate abilities to improve how you move.

Private sessions with Jeff Haller are called Functional Integration®. These sessions usually take place with you fully clothed, lying or sitting on a low, broad, sturdy table. Often the session is done in silence with me touching you to awaken new better patterns of movement within you. Other times, I will verbally guide you to notice how you habitually move relative to the functional movement we are working with and then I will lead you into making new and better actions. Sometimes you will be a passive participant and at other times you will be active. Ultimately, your lessons with me will develop into whole body functional activities that improve how you move in daily life.

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