We meet together in a portal of the now to be there for the new learning that emerges.

It is my job to create the conditions for your learning. I do this by asking you questions and guiding your explorations. My questions are asked with my voice, my hands, and by my presence. The intention is to help you focus your attention and awaken your curiosity. It is truly extraordinary when you begin to realize your own innate capacity to improve how you move.

Functional Integration lessons are usually scheduled on the hour. Depending on the urgency or acuteness of your situation, lessons are scheduled as often as daily or spread out over time. Usually people work with me on a weekly basis until they have resolved the issue they came with or gained the functional movement they desire.

It is instructive to note that this is an educational process. We have the ability to learn in an open ended way throughout our life, provided we have the necessary stimulus to further our learning. People often come to me for a period of time, leave, go home, practice, integrate, and then come back for further learning. Often people combine their Functional Integration lessons with my weekly classes or intensive workshops of Awareness Through Movement to maximize their benefit.

Shall we begin?