Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Neal Suggs

I started seeing Jeff as a last option to try to deal with chronic knee and back pain that was ruining my enjoyment of golf. Until seeing him, I had spent countless hours (and dollars) looking for that next piece of equipment or gimmick to squeeze a few extra yards out of my game. I was resigned to the fact that golf was going to come with a lot of pain and Advil.

Working with Jeff has reinforced that the best piece of equipment in golf is a properly functioning body. His knowledge is unparalleled, his philosophy simple but brilliant and the results are unreal. After working with Jeff, I can hit a golf ball with a piece of plywood 20 yards farther than the best equipment I used before his tutelage. He has brought back my explosiveness, eliminated my pain, and reconnected me with the joy of golf and just moving generally. I'm just sorry I didn't meet Jeff five years ago; I would have saved a few thousand dollars and a couple of knee surgeries. (7 handicap pain free golfer)

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