Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Travis Zajac, New Jersey Devils, NHL Hockey Team

I'm sure it's not a coincidence but once I started doing the ATM lessons you sent me, I've been playing the best hockey of my life. Global breathing is my go-to. I've been doing it night before a game and a little bit after my naps on game day. I do feel the sense of quiet it gives me. It feels like meditation and l love the way it calms me and gets me in the right frame of mind before a game. I'm sure it's from a combination of the other lessons too, but my posture is better. I don't find myself hunched over when I'm sitting on the bench after a shift.

Give you a little update of where I'm at and how I've been incorporating your lessons into my training:

So I've been able to get in about 25 ATM lessons this summer so far. I've been doing them after my workouts feel like it relaxes me and calms me after workouts. Before workouts as part of my warmup I always do some of the quicker exercises we went over, mostly the hamstring lengthening exercises. I also do the balancing on a roller and going thru some of the hoop movements. The biggest difference I found from consistently doing ATMs and spending the time with you is I feel way more control in my body. I feel balanced and not as clumsy. After doing lunges or squats I feel powerful and I think the whole reason is now I know how to organize my skeleton to prepare it for the force I'm pushing or pulling. I'm not falling and people have noticed I'm in more control when I'm doing my workouts. People are always asking me why I sit the way I do now. They notice how I stand and walk and ask why it's looks so easy and fluid. I still got the walking pattern down, can still see my toenail, ha. I actually haven't had any residual soreness or stiffness in the Achilles since I left Seattle.

I've been on the ice the last month three times a week. I've been concentrating on pushing with the hip joint which is still a work-in-progress on the left leg but I can at least feel when I'm doing it right. I really do feel that my ability to turn both ways is easier. I'm not stuck just turning one way all the time.

So that's where I'm at since seeing you, I feel incredibly agile, mobile and strong. It's too bad the season is going to start late because I'm interested to see what I can do this season. I did parallel lines most recently and got dizzy--thought it was extremely tough.

I'll do a better job of keeping you updated on what I find out about my body while doing the ATMs. It's been a busy summer but very rewarding.

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