Success Story: Practitioner Testimonials

Janet Willson, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

One of the best decisions I have made is mentoring with Jeff Haller. I trained with Jeff years ago and had a nice little practice but I knew there was more I could learn for myself and my clients. What I have gotten from working with him is orders of magnitude more than what I expected or believed was possible. I thought Jeff knew his stuff before, but the depth of clarity that he has developed in the intervening years and the precision with which he teaches is truly remarkable.

After a workshop with Jeff, I don't have to remember what I have learned, I know it! The fundamental ideas have been so clearly formulated and presented and then reinforced through use of different contexts that I apply them without even thinking about it. Having the material on video is very helpful however, when I find my memory has lost some of the details. There is more to be learned from Jeff than just the content though. He conveys his process of inquiry and exploration just as clearly, so that I can take it and apply it to questions that arise as I work. But I think that the integrity with which Jeff teaches is what I appreciate most. At no time will he undermine a student's confidence or independence for convenience or to meet his own needs. Nor will he back away from being present in the moment and to bringing everything he has to each moment in order to make things easier or safer for himself. Consequently he creates a very safe environment for learning. It is a wonderful example of the principles in action.

My practice has improved dramatically in the last two years. The sensitivity of my touch and my understanding of what exactly I am touching has increased. I am much clearer within myself and my thoughts less cluttered as I work. And I have improved my ability to give my students something significant, in both FI and ATM, that they understand and can take away with them. This all makes for more true confidence and I find my "work" much lighter and easier and more rewarding.

My body is a lot happier also. I now have the ability to do activities that were becoming difficult and the confidence to try new ones like skiing and surfing. All without hurting myself of course.

Thanks, Jeff!

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