Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Kirk Olson, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Wild, NHL Hockey Team

A Visit Definitely Worth Making!

After seeing the remarkable results that Jeff helped one of my players achieve, I decided I had to come see him work first-hand. After arriving and visiting with Jeff at his home in suburban Seattle, I was immediately impressed by his ability to spot even the subtlest deviation from ideal movement in a person being able to move from a seated to a standing position, or even in simply putting one foot in front of the other when walking. Even more remarkable was his patient and persistent approach in awakening a person's body in order to overcome those movement deficiencies that Jeff pin-pointed at the start. Overall, I was very impressed with Jeff, and how he was able to help people (my hockey players in particular) achieve uninhibited ranges of movement that, for some, had not existed for many years. My players who have had the opportunity to work with Jeff would be the first to tell you that his work with them was beyond all of their expectations, and for some, "life/career altering." Well done, Jeff!

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