Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Kurtis Foster, Philadelphia Flyers, NHL Hockey Team

I just want to thank Jeff for everything he has done for me. From letting me into his home, to come work with him, to being there whenever i have questions, it's been huge help. Since I've been to Seattle to work with Jeff--after the recommendation of a former coach--I have never felt so good off and on the ice! I had a significant injury to my left leg in 2008 and until I came to Jeff, I never realized how much my right leg and hips compensated for my left leg. Jeff helped me break down every movement again and re-teach my body to move the correct way. After spending a week in Seattle followed by many ATMs, I feel the best I have in years, perhaps even the best I've ever felt. Thank you, Jeff, and I'm sure I will be out to Seattle again!

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