Success Story: Practitioner Testimonials

Peggi Honig, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, LMT, Hypnotherapist, MPNLP

I want to share how potent my experience from both your Workshop and ATM series at the Feldenkrais Annual Conference was for me. They are living in me each and every day and showing themselves in every FI and ATM I am teaching so far.

Even in the woodlands, hiking my labs I've been exploring with holding my thumb out in front, my focus is on the nail and what I came to notice was when my vision was not only on the thumb but a sense of the distance behind my head of my eyes, reaching back as if to see through this depth, my head rested so much more atop my spine and the length and freedom in my neck especially was astounding--WOW! Not only that but yes, the ability to feel the ground and my sense of stepping up a bit freer and higher without fear is amazing. More to play with here.

Each of my clients since I've returned have been experiencing this dynamic of feeling the cuboid into the fourth metatarsal, creating the roof of the foot to feel m/m equally up and down. For me the experience is like a vortex that swirls up through this roof while the lateral edges of my feet are on the ground, almost like a suction around the outside edges. More to play with and just wanted to thank you for giving of your time, knowledge and experience to grow and learn from.

I look forward to more experiences working with you in the future.

Warmest Regards,


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