Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Mark Ursino, Hiker, Mountain Climber

Our work together really helped in Sikkim--in a way I didn't expect.

Sikkim was very much a steep up-and-down trek. Because of the work we did together, I was definitely OFF the "brute force" mode of making the big steps up and down, and very much into "balance." As a result, while my legs were tired at the end of the day, they were uniformly tired a bit, as opposed to having certain muscles screaming. There was a time that 12 hours of "feets up" could refresh any degree of tiredness--certainly no longer. I found that every morning my legs felt refreshed.

I'm still conscious about "walking softly" and keeping my weight to the fourth toe, and gliding more than striding. Low impact. I'm getting the pelvis much more involved in all my movements, including reaching down to the next step as I go down stairs or a steep slope.

I'd like to keep working with you in a "maintenance" mode as opposed to the weekly "gotta get it done" mode.

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