Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Adam Oates, Head Coach, Washington Capitals, NHL Hall of Fame

As a former NHL hockey player, having played in 1,337 games over 19 years, I received plenty of injuries. Trying to recover from these injuries I tried everything and finally stumbled on Jeff Haller and his work in the Feldenkrais Method®. I knew something had been missing in my training. Jeff not only showed me how my injuries and compensations affected my every day movement, but the extent and depth of their impact on my body. The Feldenkrais Method is allowing me to finally start seeing some improvements in my body, in the quality and range of my movement, and how my nervous system can be involved in making these changes.

In addition, now that I am an assistant coach for the New Jersey Devils, my work with Jeff has been invaluable. My ability to see movement has increased significantly giving me much greater insight into how to help my players.

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