Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Dan Nordstrom

After a serious crash during a bike race that put me in intensive care, I spent the next two years struggling with a variety of nagging shoulder and hip problems that kept me from getting back to the level I used to be at. I was spending substantial amounts of time and money on a variety of alternative therapies including acupuncture and Rolfing. While they each had some benefit, I was still unable to truly recover a full range of motion and be able to exercise pain-free.

I had heard about Jeff Haller for a number of years but not until his relocation to the Puget Sound area was I finally able to get in to see him. What a revelation. On one hand Jeff's approach to therapy was surprisingly subtle, less painful and stressful than the other modalities I was doing. In addition, he spent nearly as much time teaching me about what I was doing in my essential daily movements that was ultimately causing my issues to continually re-occur. It sounds simple, but once I learned how to correctly stand, sit, walk and pedal my bike, I was able to make lasting changes that have allowed me to be truly functional once again.

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