Success Story: Satisfied Customer

Peter Shmock, Founder, Club Zum, Former Olympic Shot Putter

I've known Jeff Haller for approximately 20 years. Over these years he's been a friend, fellow aging athlete and gifted teacher to me and many others--many of whom I know. His curiosity and knowledge about the human body and how to help people be in their bodies with less pain and greater function and enjoyment is what I've personally experienced from him. Not only is he gifted as one of the great Feldenkrais instructors of today, but he is a student of many other forms of movement therapy, exercise training which gives him a broad base of knowledge to pull from in helping people. At Club Zum, he comes monthly to work with our trainers to help them with their ability to understand and see movement.

His greatest attribute, in my eyes, is that he has an innate ability--a gift he was given--to observe someone and sense what is needed, that is his true gift which puts him into a category of a healer as well as a practitioner. I have met few people in my life who have that gift.

On a personal note: my temperamental back has thanked him many a time for his healing hands.

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