FTA Talks: Why Focus on Gravity?

Join an online discussion with FTA Assistant Trainer Andrew Gibbons, Educational Director Jeff Haller and other FTA staff about the new Feldenkrais Training Academy, beginning in Seattle in October 2018.

This month's topic: Why focus on gravity?

The ability to remain stable in gravity, to have “stability while moving,” underpins all the higher functions. Unification of the vestibular, muscular and skeletal functions is to be fully human. Any distortion or corrosion of these moves us away from being fully ourselves, from being fully potent, creative, and self-supported. At the bottom of it all is the function of the skeleton: because we have to start somewhere.

During a lecture at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais asked: "If there was not gravitation, would we have a skeleton?"

As gravity is one of the strictest constants in our environment, our adjustment to it is both life-long, constant, character-forming, and hidden from us.

The primary motive of a Feldenkrais practitioner is to help people become self-reliant in a changing world. Instead of treating conditions or problems, you’ll help people build and restore their capacity for physical integrity, emotional dignity, and to thrive in the complexity of daily life.

This talk will provide a simple, clear demonstration of how to understand the demands of gravity in learning, and how the solid foundations of skill are built responsibly.

We look forward to you joining us for some or all of these conversations.

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Date August 16, 2018
Time5-6pm PT
LocationOnline via Zoom
Instructor(s)Andrew Gibbons & Jeff Haller

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