FTA Talks: Case Studies with Jeff Haller—Arlene the Mighty

Real-life examples of helping people restore their physical integrity, emotional dignity, and health.

Jeff Haller, world-renowned Feldenkrais® Trainer, is known for the quality of his one-one-one Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lessons and his efficiency in helping people recover their physical integrity, emotional dignity, and health. Although Jeff has participated in over 35 trainings around the world, he has always maintained a private practice. It is working with real people with real problems that drives his learning and motivates him to continue to grow.

Join us for a series of discussions on four fascinating case studies. Jeff will describe his work with four individuals (their names have been changed to protect their privacy) with intriguing and successful results.

Jeff will also describe how he will be incorporating these experiences and ideas in his new Feldenkrais Training Academy, starting October 2018 in Seattle.

Today's talk: Arlene the Mighty

After Arlene's botched caesarian, neither her husband or doctor believed she was in the pain she was in. She ended up in the emergency room with a necrotic segment of her colon. After surgery, she was told that she was never going to be able to recover her core strength again. In working with Jeff, she moved from intense fear to accepting herself and her personal beauty.

Upcoming talks:

  • June 19: R.J., a track and field athlete with a long-standing groin pull and bilateral hernia surgeries, was having difficulty preparing to compete at the World Games. Working together, he and Jeff discovered easily how he didn't support his pelvis from the ground up. He recently had the second-best performance of his career.
  • July 3: Cheryl was a member of a conservative sect who was sexually abused by her priest as a teenager. To recover, she studied ethics, participated in thousands of hours of therapy, and wrote a book about her experiences. Eventually, she was asked to speak at a conference of women at her church. With Jeff, she recovered the composure necessary to stand in front of her peers and speak openly of her experiences.

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Learn about the new Feldenkrais Training Academy, beginning in Seattle in October 2018. Apply now!

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Date June 05, 2018
Time5-6pm PDT
LocationOnline via Zoom
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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