Master Moves
by Moshe Feldenkrais

Master Moves

The introduction: I attended my first Feldenkrais wrokshop during the summer of 1974. It was taught by a man who spent only a month with Moshe Feldenkrais and was not a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais method. Nevertheless he had absorbed enough of the Feldenkrais spirit to convey something of the essence of Moshe's work.

I was at that time suffering form periodic bouts of low back pain and exploring various body therapies to alleviate my trouble. But I was initially reluctant to try Feldenkrais work. Feldenkrais movement, I had heard, had something to do with coordination. I knew I had poor coordination and I thought of myself as clumsy, without grace, a poor athlete and a terrible dancer.

The workshop was a revelation. In two days I discovered that I had all the ability to change what I wanted changed. It was possi ble for me to dance and move freely. I could stand in gravity and my pelvis could be underneath my shoulders. Above all I could do simple muscles as long as I moved with what Feldenkrais called awareness. ...Carl Ginsburg

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