x. Discovering the Roots Of Internal Strength (2010, DVDs)

x. Discovering the Roots Of Internal Strength (2010, DVDs)

Presented by Jeff Haller, with help from his friends Ellis Amdur (martial artist) and Peter Shmock (Olympic shot putter), this 5-day workshop will help you develop clear specific support from the floor so you can stand with stability, yet be prepared to move without hesitation. This standing is foundational to the initiation of all upright movement activities, be they athletics, dance, martial arts, or work related. In addition, we will study how the shoulder functions relative to this upright support. Our studies will include:

• Develop a clear sense of standing with stability;

• Learn how to maximize the use of your skeleton for support;

• Learn how to direct movement from the floor through your limbs;

• Improve your knowledge of shoulder functioning;

• Learn how to meet the needs of people who are in high-performance activities.

Bonus: 10 Functional Integration Lessons by Jeff with discussion included.

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