Annual Awareness Through Movement® Summer Intensive: What is Health? Flourishing in Daily Life

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais conducted his final practitioner training in the 1980s in Amherst, MA. During that training, he described two levels of health, the first being the ability to recover from shock. “In short, health is measured by the shock a person can take without his usual way of life being compromised.” Today, we would say “trauma” instead of “shock.” 

In Dr. Feldenkrais’ view, the second level of health is “the ability to live your avowed dreams.” A healthy person can meet the complexity and uncertainty of daily life and thrive.

In this workshop, we will utilize the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement process to explore the historical habits and patterns that interfere with the quality of your life and your ability to flourish.

The Feldenkrais Method, as presented by Jeff Haller, offers you a unique opportunity to utilize the brain’s capacity to make sensory-motor distinctions. Free yourself from the tyranny of habits that no longer serve you. Engage in a process of learning that takes you away from using your “will power” into a process that awakens deep reflection. You will have the opportunity to spend five mornings enhancing your health by immersing yourself in your own personal experience.

Jeff Haller has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method for nearly 35 years. He provides a clear, safe environment for you to evolve beyond the past conditions that have limited you in life. He is a rigorous advocate for you finding joy in your life.

Open to first-timers, old-hands and experienced practitioners.

$250 before 6/1/18; $300 after; $50 off each person with a friend; $65/day for drop-ins


Interested in training to be a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner? Join us after class on Thursday, July 12, for an informal talk about the Feldenkrais Training Academy, coming to Seattle in October 2018.

Cost includes 10% nonrefundable deposit.

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Fee: $300.00

Date July 09, 2018 -
July 13, 2018
TimeMonday-Friday, 9:30am-12:30pm
LocationSeattle Aikikai
101 Nickerson St
Seattle, WA 98109
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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