u. Perspectives on Walking (2012, DVDs)

u. Perspectives on Walking (2012, DVDs)

In Amherst, Moshe noted, –In walking we feel the head of the fourth metatarsal.” This comment was a part of a longer talk and no further reference was made to the statement. So what does it mean? It is up to us to discover what he meant.

• What of your foot can be considered structural and what is proprioceptive?

• How does the fourth metatarsal of the foot become a conscious part of your walking?

• How are the arches of your feet formed while moving and what is the timing of how they are formed?

• How do you transmit force from the foot through the skeleton in walking?

• What basis do you use to determine how and when to make the transition from one foot to the other?

• How are the head and torso coordinated with the legs to support elegant easy walking?

• How can you make walking a high elegant expression of your self?

• What can you do in Functional Integration to further people’s walking with pleasure?

In this five-day workshop, utilizing Awareness Through Movement lessons and carefully examining the principles that govern efficient movement in gravity, we will transform walking into an elegant art form. Functional Integration material, including working with rollers in various ways, will be presented that you can immediately use with your clients to improve how they walk.

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