The Physiology of the Joints: Volume 2 Lower Limb
by I. A. Kapandji MD

The Physiology of the Joints: Volume 2 Lower Limb

Now in its sixth edition, The Physiology of the Joints Volume Two - The Lower Limb is illustrated in full colour, rewritten and enriched with new text. Conceived and written over forty years ago, it has brought back to centre stage biomechanics, which previously was dismissed as anecdotal in works on human anatomy. As a result of this impetus every work on anatomy nowadays covers in depth the functional features of the locomotor apparatus; in short, biomechanics has become a science that cannot be ignored.

This book will be a valuable text for manual therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and osteopaths interested in the biomechanics of the human body.

  • A synoptic diagram showing the factors affecting the stability of the knee
  • Explanation of the presence of two bones in the leg, based on an understanding of the functional anatomy of the ankle
  • The idea of the universal joint as applicable to the ankle-hindfoot articular complex
  • The vital concept of viewing the leg as “compartments“
  • A new chapter on the physiology of walking
  • A synoptic table of the nerves of the lower limb
  • Appendix with updated mechanical models of three-dimensional diagrams that can be assembled, providing a teaching tool for student and teacher alike
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