Ground, Grounding, Grounded: Discovering True Reversibility [DVDs]

Ground, Grounding, Grounded: Discovering True Reversibility [DVDs]

It is a major principle of the Feldenkrais Method® that in Awareness Through Movement® lessons, the movements be done so that they are reversible. However, this is not really how we teach, how our students participate in our lessons, or how Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais taught during his last Amherst training. If we learn to pay precise attention to how we move sequentially over the ground, we find there are moments where we are actually, almost imperceptibly, falling and not stable, even if we are on the ground.

This workshop offers an in-depth look at what it actually means to move in a way that is reversible. Through ATM, lecture/demonstrations and hands-on practice, we work in depth to refine our ability to discover this difference in ourselves. This can significantly change how we approach certain aspects of Functional Integration® lessons when working with clients.

Includes: Five-day workshop plus six Functional Integration lessons and discussion.

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