Awareness Through Movement® Library of Lessons [2022 SUMMIT ATTENDEES]
by Haller, Jeff

Awareness Through Movement® Library of Lessons [2022 SUMMIT ATTENDEES]

A special gift for 2022 Feldenkrais Summit attendees only.

This is growing library of 150+ Awareness Through Movement lessons, video-recorded by Jeff Haller starting in March 2020. Each month, the lessons that Jeff teaches in his weekly classes are added. You will receive unlimited viewings of the entire library for one month.

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The Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement is a remarkably modern and innovative process for helping people transform the quality of their lived experience. It is a way to open one’s subjective reality from internalized historical constraints into profound awareness and personal freedom.

These classes use movement and sensory discrimination to help people open to awareness and refine how they function in the world.

Many people have turned to mindfulness practices to find internal peace and openness to meet the stress they face in daily life. Awareness Through Movement is extremely efficient and effective in helping people learn to tune into their own historic experience and find new pathways of action. This leads to biological fitness, ease of movement, recovery from injury and emotional dignity as one learns how to be present to one’s emotional wounds and trauma.

Find true health, as you discover the resources necessary to meet the uncertainty of our times.

No experience necessary. Recordings are not downloadable.


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